Henna House with Nomi Eve

Nomi Eve Henna House Event

Nomi Eve Henna House Event with Philadelphia Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery

Its been an eventful , exciting year! In closing out 2014, I have been invited to work with author Nomi Eve to promote her book titled “Henna House” . Nomi Eve has committed to a 100 book club challenge all over the US. I have been invited to share my henna art at the Philadelphia area book club events by applying henna to the ladies at the events. It’s surely been an honor to participate. I am so grateful that Nomi appreciates my art and that the ladies attending the book clubs do as well. So far, I’ve delightfully decorated hands and feet with henna of many lovely women in the Philadelphia area. I look forward to the upcoming events on my calendar in 2014 and 2015! For Henna in the Philadelphia area and Key West , Florida- contact Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery 610.764.0853

Ladies Night Henna Wilmington Delaware

Henna Hand Body Art in Wilmington Delaware by Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces Face Painting in Philadelphia PA, Delaware, New Jersey and Key West FL

Henna Hand Body Art in Wilmington Delaware by Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces Face Painting in Philadelphia PA, Delaware, New Jersey and Key West FL

Henna Hand Body Art in Wilmington Delaware by Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces Face Painting in Philadelphia PA, Delaware, New Jersey and Key West FL[/caption]
Last night was a fun , henna body art filled evening at Lola’s Ladies Night Out in Wilmington Delaware at the Crowne Plaza on Naamans Rd. I was at the event offering free henna designs to the first 10 registered guests- which the lucky ladies that took advantage of the offer , very much enjoyed. Most women opted for small, dainty designs on the arm or hand. There were a few larger designs on the hand, ankle and a dreamcatcher henna design on a lower back region of the body. Henna is fun as I can get very creative with it and create unique tattoo designs custom fit for each recipient. I was glad to take part in the this event, put henna on people, and answer questions and spread the word about my art.
I do offer Henna Body Art parties, private appointment and am available for events. Henna is a fun activity for girls nights in, bridal showers, ethnic events, bridal henna, school events, sweet sixteens, birthday parties, bat mitzvahs and more. Contact Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery 610.764.0853

Henna Art Wilmington DE at The Blue Jeans Ball

Henna Art Wilmington DE Blue Jeans Ball

Henna Art Wilmington DE Blue Jeans Ball

The Blue Jeans Ball in Wilmington DE was a very well attended festive event at the Siegel JCC. There were many vendors set up to partake in the fun and spirit of the evening. I accompoanied the Wilmington DoubleTree by Hilton with a Henna table offering FREE henna body art to the ladies at the event! Many were interested and took advantage of the offer to get decorated with henna. Henna body art is a great option for parties, coporate events, Sweet Sixteens, Bat Mitzvahs, teen parties, bridal shower and private henna appointments! Call Henna Artist Jennifer 610.764.0853 for Henna in the Philadelphia area including Delaware, parts of New Jersey and Key West,FL

Henna Body Art Tree Tattoo Philadelphia

Henna Tree Philadelphia PA

Henna Tree Philadelphia PA

Yesterday I did a Henna Body Art design of a family tree on a client in Philadelphia PA. The design was intended as a trial to decide if an actual permanent ink tattoo would be a good fit in the area requested . The henna design was a tree with the names of the clients two children included within. It took about 40 minutes to complete the artwork and started on the upper thigh area and extended up to side abdomen to just above the rib area. I was very pleased with the outcome of the henna design as was the client. For your very own custom henna tattoo design, contact henna artist Jennifer Montgomery in the Philadelphia area at 610-764-0853.

Henna at Wells Fargo Center Event

Henna  Body Art with Rhinestones

Henna Body Art with Rhinestones

Last week was the season kick off party at The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia PA for the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers! I was at the party to offer henna body art to the attendees of the party. The crowd were adults so I enhanced some of the henna designs with rhinestones and lots of sparkle. I created many henna “bracelets” using henna and rhinestones for some seriously noticeable bling! To my surprise, the henna was very popular with the male guests of the party who were eager to display their Philadelphia team loyalty on their body. It was a very nice event to participate in 🙂 Thanks to everyone who made it a success!

To book henna for your next event contact Jennifer at 610-764-0853
or www.jennifermontgomery.net

Henna for Bridal Party!

Henna Mehndi Hand Design

Henna Mehndi Hand Design at Bridal Party

Last week a bachelorette party was held to celebrate an upcoming marriage. The bride requested Henna as part of the party entertainment. The bride received the most elaborate henna/mehndi on both band extending up each arm. The rest of the bachelorette partygoers recieved more simple henna designs on their hands. I left the party with a a room filled with beautiful henna body art. Best of luck to the newlyweds!

As the warmer weather approaches in the Philadelphia area Henna is a great option for girls/ladies parties! Henna is fun to add on to any girls night out cocktail party,bachelorette party,sweet sixteen,Bat Mitzvah, or any cultural event! Contact Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery for more details and book your appointment or event today!


Henna/Mehndi Feet

Henna/Mehndi on the feet is great in the summertime. Henna is a beautiful way to express yourself and beautify your body. I love henna because it is all natural. The smell of tea tree or eucalyptus oil that can be mixed in is so refreshing and clean. Henna lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on skit type and care. Henna will wear off the skin naturally.

I am available to apply henna for private appointments, parties and public events in the Philadelphia PA area, Delaware and New Jersey.

Henna/Mehndi Delaware County PA

Some recent photo’s of henna designs done in Delaware County PA. Summer is a great time for henna, since henna does best on skin that is warm and exposed – so no smearing while drying 🙂

Contact me at crazyfacesfp@aol.com or 610.764.0853 to set up a private appointment today! I come to you, so its really easy and I leave you with a beautiful design to enjoy for a few weeks 🙂

I’m also available for parties, baby showers, festivals and public events!

JenniferMontgomery.net Updates

So last week was super busy for me. Thank goodness, I love being busy. I had Face Painting, Henna and Airbrush Tattoo events all in one weekend, what fun!!! I like being able to switch it up , that keeps life interesting!

I did Henna at the Cherry Hill N.J. JCC that was a very cool event! I also did Airbrush Tattoo’s at a Bat Mitzvah in Narberth, that was a very fun Bat Mitzvah. The kids were very polite and well behaved, which is certainly a plus! The theme was South Beach Miami. I also airbrushed a beach chair prior to that event. It was used as the sign in for all the kids. It turned out really cool!

The splatter paint project I spoke of in an earlier post was a success! The client LOVES it and would like to use the design for shirts for a Sweet Sixteen 🙂

So its Spring and that means outdoor parties! Of course Face Painting, Airbrush Tattoo and Henna are all good forms of entertainment and fun for everyone! That means call Jennifer at 610.764.0853 or visit JenniferMontgomery.net to book your event today! Last minute requests are welcomed!