Henna and Hair Wraps IndieFaire Gulfport Florida

Tonight I will be a vendor in Gulfport, FL for IndieFaire!! I will be set up with Henna Body Art and Hair Wraps for this art event!! It’s every third Saturday on Beach Boulevard in Gulfport!! See you there! www.jennifermontgomery.net

Head to Gulfport every third Saturday for IndieFaire, where you’ll find a night market brimming with art, jewelry, plants, crafts, and other locally crafted finds.
You can safely shop and browse in the night air as you stroll along Beach Boulevard in downtown Gulfport.
The Gulfport Merchants Chamber of Commerce, along with the Brenda McMahon Gallery, hosts IndieFaire, and a small group of locals hand-selects every participant in this market. If you’re a fan of our vibrant, diverse community, you’ll find that same creative energy at Third Saturday IndieFaire.
As you browse the market stalls, you’ll get swept up in the charm and energy of this waterfront Gulf Coast town. In between shopping, take time to listen to live music, watch a street performer, or taste some only-for-IndieFaire morsels.
IndieFaire welcomes everyone, including kids and dogs. Our businesses take your safety seriously, and you’ll find whether you’re browsing the market, dining inside a restaurant, getting take-out for a picnic in one of our parks, or eating in one of our many outdoor eating areas, you’ll feel safe.
Make plans now to join the creative community in Gulfport for a night of discovery and entertainmen

Check out my new island art!! Are you a collector?

I hope your safe and well wherever you are reading this message:) I have some fun art pieces to share and let you know I am available for commission work:) I create custom island style fun and colorful art of all kinds! I have been having fun with some really fun wooden tiki signs lately. They are fun to personalize. They are making a statement at homes in Key West and even a favorite restaurant on the island – One Love Key West ( amazing food truck at the Chevron station on Stock Island).

If you’re not already a collector of my art and would like to be. Contact me! I have some fun commission pieces I will be working on in the upcoming weeks. If you are considering amazing tropical art from paradise as a gift for the upcoming holiday season- lets connect and allow plenty of time for creation and shipping 🙂

Paint in Key West, Florida- Paint on Canvas with Key West Artist Jennifer Montgomery 610-764-0853

Artist Quarantined in Paradise- Key West Pandemic 2020

I’m writing this blog during a historic, once in a lifetime ( hopefully) event from Key West. Its week, I don’t know what of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. Heres what it’s like for an artist that works with people to be experiencing this. First, I’m really bored- almost 2 weeks of staying at home by myself is pushing it for me. I’m a people person. Good vibes inspire me. Social distancing and face/ body art don’t go well together, unfortunately.
For me, It’s a time to use creativity in another way.Every income resource is now on pause for me and every CrazyFaces artist for now- certainly not a fun feeling,for sure. On the upside- I am positive and look at the bright side of life. This too shall pass.I know everything will be different when we arrive on the other side of this. Everything seems to be changing- rapidly.

On another note- i’m experiencing feelings of withdrawal. I miss my work. I genuinely love what I do. I love the people I connect with. And most importantly, I love the smiles and happiness from people that appreciate the henna tattoo, or the face painting, or the hair wrap. Art is full of purpose and right now I’m feeling a bit fuzzy and deflated. Everything is connected. I have always felt appreciation and gratitude for what I get to do. Feels like the rug was pulled out from under me. I’m like a lost little kid whose friends left them all alone at the playground. It’s not fun playing this game by myself, womp,womp,womp…….

In the meantime, I’m following the social distancing recommendations, learning new things, blogging, thinking of the best possible outcome for everyones highest and best good. Stay well and hang in there. We all need a moment of refreshment at times. Hope to see you on the other side of this:)

Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art Philadelphia PA to Key West, FL for parties and events of all kinds 610.764.0853 www.jennifermontgomery.net

Face Painting and Henna Florida Keys Celtic Festival

Coming in January 2019 ….The Florida Keys Celtic Festival in Marathon Florida ! CrazyFaces Face Painting and Body Art will be participating with face painting, henna and hair wraps and hair feathers! We missed last year because of Hurricane Irma but am really excited to be participating in 2019 for a fantastic Irish themed event! We’ll have lots of green glitter, hair feathers and green, orange and white for hair wraps too! For more information about face painting, henna and body art in the The Florida Keys contact Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art 610.764.0853

Hair Wraps Key West Mallory Square Sunset Celebration

NEW in Key West Hair Wraps Key West
at Sunset Celebration in Mallory Square in addition to Henna Body Art , I am not offering hair wraps 🙂 Beautiful , colorful, unique hair wraps are a fun island style artistic way to decorate and express yourself artistically:) They last up to 3 months and can be adorned with as many colors and sparkles gems as you wish 🙂 Come get your henna and hair wraps in Key West at Mallory Square at Sunset Celebration …. nightly 🙂 www.jennifermontgomery.net To schedule an appointment in advance or have a private appointment at your location call 610.764.0853

Airbrush Body Paint Key West Fantasy Fest, Philadelphia, Miami

I’m so excited to have recently worked with my new Iwata Revolution top feed airbrush at a body painting event near Philadelphia ! I have always worked with bottom feed airbrushes, still Iwata though. I especially loved the top feed as I used only the amount of product I needed and could add more as I went along. The make-up flowed very smoothly out of the airbrush and offered coverage as expected for each body paint color. I am so excited to work further with these Iwata Airbrush tools. I also found the cleaning process fairly simple ad straightforward as I wiped the leftover make-up from the cup and follow through with cleaner sprayed through the airbrush.

Airbrush Body Paint Fantasy Fest Key West Philadelphia Miami www.jennifermontgomery.net 610.764.0853

I can’t wait to use this new airbrush when I body paint at Fantasy Fest in Key West this year in 2018. I use both airbrush and traditional brush and sponge techniques when body painting. I can get best result for fine lines with a brush but like the airbrush for other techniques and effects.
Jennifer Montgomery Body Painter Key West Philadelphia Miami
To book body painting in Philadelphia, Miami and Key West for Fantasy Fest, contact body painter Jennifer Montgomery at 610.764.0853 or visit www.jennifermontgomery.org

2018 Spring and Summer Events Miami, Wilmington, Philadelphia

Here we are in April… time for Springtime face painting and henna fun and events!!!! Here are some upcoming event dates that I’ll be doing face painting and henna! Looking forward to all of them:)

April 13-15 Miami FL- Miami International Cattle Show

May 10-12 Wilmington DE- Wilmington Flower Market

June 1-10 Body Paint Central PA – PA Rally on the River

Fly Eagles Fly!!!

WOW!!!! Theres so much Philadelphia Eagles excitement in the air!!! Yesterday in Key West at Charlie Mac’s was AMAZING!! I face painted lots of Philadelphia Eagles fans faces celebrating the Super Bowl with our beloved team! A sea of green occupied Southard Street for the party and the game. I was happy to spread green, white and black face paint with glitter on faces of adoring fans! I even had fun with some friends from Philly supporting the Eagles, a beautiful day all around! We also had face painting in Philadelphia at Chickies and Petes, lots of Philadelphia energy and fun to get revved up for the game!!! I’m so excited and happy for the Eagles and Philadelphia :))))) xoxo

BEST Philadelphia Miami Key West Face Painting and Body Art Call 610.764.0853 www.jennifermontgomery.net

Hurricane Irma Aftermath… The Florida Keys for Real

So its been about 2 months since Hurricane Irma whipped through Key West and The Florida Keys. The news coverage was minimal in comparison to some of the other storms, which has benefits in my opinion . But whats it REALLY like for the real live human people that have experienced this??? Yes, Key West fared well in consideration of the storm. But what about the other Keys? Most especially the Lower Keys.. Cudjoe Key, Big Pine Key, Marathon and others? I lost the place I lived. I consider myself lucky as I’ve been very lucky and fortunate with the help of perfect timing and excellent friends and protective energy always on my side. My first trip back was just 2.5 weeks ago. While a lot has been done since the disaster initially struck.. the drive down the Keys was much less exciting and breathtakingly beautiful than each and every previous drive. The energy is different for one and of course the destruction is obvious the closer to Marathon you get. After that, its really real as you enter Marathon, Big Pine and Cudjoe Key. The heaps of debris speak volumes. Then, its very sobering . It’s people whole lives as they knew it reduced to a pile of debris.

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist

For me its been a very grounding experience in the sense that… its only stuff. I’m alive , well, happy and moving forward in positivity. Unfortunately , not everyone holds that same attitude. I recognize the challenge . It was easy for me to pick up and find another place to live. First, I was renting , I’m a minimalist, a gypsy soul and all my stuff was destroyed so there wasn’t much to do in that regard, LOL! But think for a moment…. What about the residents that have live here more stationary? The self employed residents that experienced huge income reduction? The psychological effects of this life altering experience? Its all real. We all process differently. Some people recover faster than others. These are the things that are important in this life. How are people managing all of this? Everything counts, its important. I love that the Florida Keys are a community of loving souls that really do help each other. I see love and camaraderie all around and thats one of the many things I love about Key West and The Florida Keys in general.

I will say ,fortunately for me, there is a huge benefit in having less than more and remaining unattached to stuff. In the past week at the events I’ve been doing henna in Key West, it seems that the energy is on the upswing. I realize people are tired, in fact exhausted, but still trucking along rebuilding their lives. I think it’s a big fat lesson in compassion, patience and loving each other. I choose to believe everyone is doing the best they can. I think the biggest blessing of the hurricane for me is focusing more on the present moment, loving people and moments and cherishing each day as the gift it really is. Have a beautiful day friends!

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist Key West Sunset

For Face Painting and Body Art in Key West,Miami,and Philadelphia PA contact Jennifer at 610.764.0853 www.jennifermontgomery.net

Key West Update.. Be Happy Now!!

I am going to start this week with some updates and wisdom… First the wisdom… every day is a GIFT, treat it as such. I’m writing this STILL in PA on the day I was scheduled to make my full time shift to the Florida Keys…. I am grateful I am safe and have another day to love and be happy. I discovered on Saturday that my cute, little island oasis in The Florida Keys is demolished.. gone… finito…. completely destroyed…..along with my clothes and art. Talk about a lesson in appreciating the present moment and rolling with the flow.. Just like that, in a moment, everything can be removed . I truly could care less about any “stuff” or material items, I’m very much a minimalist , so its all good. What matters most to me is love and those who share in that with me… its the only thing thats real. Soooooo, moving right along and figuring things out moment by moment is where I am at 🙂 The good news is that Key West is strong and Fantasy Fest IS A YES!!!! I will be there as usual in Key West for Fantasy Fest….. anyone in the Keys know of a living space available in the upcoming months…. I’d love to be informed. Thank you so much in advance:) Peace , Love and Be Happy NOW:)