Henna at Wells Fargo Center Event

Henna  Body Art with Rhinestones

Henna Body Art with Rhinestones

Last week was the season kick off party at The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia PA for the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers! I was at the party to offer henna body art to the attendees of the party. The crowd were adults so I enhanced some of the henna designs with rhinestones and lots of sparkle. I created many henna “bracelets” using henna and rhinestones for some seriously noticeable bling! To my surprise, the henna was very popular with the male guests of the party who were eager to display their Philadelphia team loyalty on their body. It was a very nice event to participate in 🙂 Thanks to everyone who made it a success!

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or www.jennifermontgomery.net

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