Fashion Show Body Painting Quakertown PA

Body Painting Philadelphia PA and Key West, FL Fantasy Fest Jennifer Montgomery Body Painter 610.764.0853

Body Painting Philadelphia PA and Key West, FL Fantasy Fest Jennifer Montgomery Body Painter 610.764.0853

Jungle in July was the theme of a fashion show I did body painting for this weekend in Quakertown PA at the Proper Brewing Co. I was backstage at the show to complete the look of the swimsuit ensembles by enhancing them with body paint designs which matched the colors and patterns of the tops each model was wearing. The fun part was chatting with each model as I painted them and learning a bit about each girl. I really love that part of my job, talking and learning about a person. We all have a story ….. I am grateful that I can share my art and meet new awesome people and spread smiles:) On another note, FANTASY FEST in KEY WEST…. I am taking appointments for body painting and zombie bike ride face painting. Contact me, Body Painter Jennifer at 610.764.0853 or

Key West Fantasy Fest Body Painting 2015

Body Painting at Fantasy Fest in Key West Florida with Artist Jennifer Montgomery

Jennifer Montgomery, a celebrated Key West (Florida)Artist . As seen on Duval street and Mallory Square Sunset Celebrations , is accepting body painting appointments for the upcoming Fantasy Fest in October 2015.

Fantasy Fest is an annual 10 day festival that takes place at the end of October in Key West, FL. During the Fest, body painting is a very popular theme, alongside beads, parties, and whole lots of fun.

Since body painting is very popular during the event, patrons are usually advised to book appointments in advance. This is to ensure that all willing customers get the proper amount of time and service needed to pull off a successful body paint image.

Body painting, just like tattoos (temporary or permanent) is a form of body expression. Where tattoos may last for years, body paint will usually stay on for a few hours. For the most part, body paint has been a preserve of festivals such as Fantasy Fest, and gives participants the chance to have their choice designs painted on them in colors they like. For you, the opportunity to be body painted by one of the best artists is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For such events as the Fantasy Fest, Jennifer Montgomery uses a special kind of paint, that’s suitable for use on the face and body. Due to her experience in the field, you should rest assured that washing off the paint will be an easy task, and that you shouldn’t fear any allergic reactions. At any point before the appointment, you are welcome to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the whole process. Jennifer is more than willing to answer your queries and alleviate any concerns you have.

Apart from choosing body paint for festivals, you can have your body painted specifically for a photo shoot. The body paint adds a unique and artistic flair to the photographs, ensuring you get to see a side of yourself you wouldn’t have. With body paint, the photos stand out. Fashion shows are also a great place to showcase body paint, where the paint plays to the theme of the show. For models, this is a great way to stand out from the competition.

Many have had Jennifer body paint them, with the artistry and flair of the job overwhelming them. As The Little Rock Foundation says, “Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to paint faces at our holiday party … they turned out beautiful!” and Kim from PA, “thank you … for an outstanding job!”

Initially, Jennifer Montgomery started out as CrazyFaces Face Painting, dedicated to face painting gigs for birthday and theme parties in the Philadelphia area. As she grew her talents and creativity, so did her ability to take on much complex tasks. CrazyFaces has now grown to offer more than just face painting, and services now include airbrush tattoos, airbrush t-shirts, body paint, and henna application for any style party or event. More to that, Jennifer’s clientele has expanded to include those from the Philadelphia Tri-State area as well as Key West Florida and The Lower Keys.

Key West Fantasy Fest Body Painting by Jennifer Montgomery Body Painter

Key West Fantasy Fest Body Painting by Jennifer Montgomery Body Painter

Aside from business, Jennifer is an easy going, creative, and likes children. Her life revolves around creating art through paint, and she is happy she found her calling in life.

Should you wish to make an appointment during Fantasy Fest, make sure to include as much details as possible, mainly regarding the style, design, and color of the body paint you want. That way, Jennifer will be in a better position to capture your thoughts down to the last stroke.

Video: Philadelphia Body Painter talks about body painting and her love for Key West, FL

Theres no doubt that Philadelphia based body painter Jennifer Montgomery is passionate about face and body art. She has been in business for a decade providing face painting, body painting , henna and airbrush body art in the Philadelphia area and most recently Key West, Florida. During a recent video shoot she demonstrated her body painting art on model Samantha Elmer . The entire body painting process was captured from start to finish by videographer Alan Fenstermaker of Fenstermaker Films. After the body paint was completed, Jennifer was interviewed and described how she comes up designs,inspiration for her body paint designs, previous and upcoming events including Cigarfest, Fantasy Fest and The Kennett Square Mushroom Festival. She also spoke enthusiastically about her love for Key West, Florida and her participation in the upcoming Fantasy Fest in Key West.

Jennifer is accepting body paint appointments for Fantasy Fest in Key West and can be reached at Please provide as many details as possible in regards to your body painting design, day of appt, desired appt time.
Videographer Alan Fenstermaker can be reached at 267-636-3127 or