Bridal Henna/Mehndi Philadelphia PA and Key West, FL Brides

Bridal Henna Philadelphia PA and Key West FL by Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery

Bridal Henna Philadelphia PA and Key West FL by Henna Artist Jennifer Montgomery

I had the honor of providing henna services for a bride and her family in Philadelphia PA yesterday:) It was a beautiful , festive experience to be the henna artist for the upcoming Philadelphia PA bridal event. I spent about 4 hours with the family applying henna to the Indian family with designs of all sorts. Of course, the bride received the most intricate and extensive henna work on her hands and feet. After the henna was applied the ladies applied lemon juice to wet the henna again to allow the henna to create darker stains as it was setting on the skin. I wish the ladies a beautiful weekend and hope the henna body art is enjoyed:) For henna in Philadelphia and Key West, FL contact henna artist Jennifer Montgomery 610.764.0853

Henna/Mehndi at Bridal Showers- Bucks County PA

Bridal Shower Henna/Mehndi

Bridal Shower Henna/Mehndi Bucks County PA

Henna or Mehndi is a great addition to Bridal Showers or ladies only events. I was the henna artist on site at a Bridal Shower ths weekend in Bucks County PA. It was a nice surprise for all the ladies to have the option to have henna put on. Many of the ladies were enthusiastic about choosing a design and having it applied. The cool henna was an ice treat on a hot August afternoon. The bride enjoyed the most henna, as she had both feet decorated.

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Henna is a low key form of entertainment that requires little prep and doesnt break the party budget. Jennifer arrives with all natural henna, glitters and a design book to select from. Only a small cozy area is necessary for set up.