Face and Body Art: Connecting through Art

Jennifer Montgomery Face and Body Painter Philadelphia PA, Virginia Beach, VA, Key West, FL

Jennifer Montgomery Face and Body Painter Philadelphia PA, Virginia Beach, VA, Key West, FL

So I’m very blessed to do what I do. I create. People smile. I connect. All of this warms my heart and gives me good vibes:) I’m so grateful to have a job that allows me flexibility to travel and learn and many opportunities to experience people, areas, lifestyles, etc. I fully believe that what I do has a very profound purpose. As I grow and evolve and learn about myself, this becomes clearer. I follow a very spiritual path in life and I do what feels good to me. Art and people and traveling all feel good to me. I truly believe we are all given a gift in this world- its up to us to tap into ourselves and find it , honor it and let it shine.

Over the 14 years I have been face and body arting, I have encountered many people and situations. Its always a blessing to really connect with people and I realize thats what my art helps me do. Just a few days ago I face painted at a gig in a school in Delaware County PA. The kids were thrilled about their faces being painted, but the adults were as well. I love when a simple face painting turns into a warm hearted moment of connection while I’m working. The director of the school decided to have fun and get painted. As I was painting her, we were chatting and realized we had some things in common. As we continued, she shared that she lost her husband just 2 years ago… suddenly….while living in Florida. I empathized with her as I understand loss is difficult and grieving can take awhile. She said it was not until just recently that she started to let herself laugh and have fun again. She also shared that face painting was something that she would not have done before, but she was allowing herself to live and have fun and go with the flow. I was so happy to hear that and honored for the opportunity to help her light shining. She thanked me for the face painting and I thanked her for the opportunity. THAT is why I do what I do,its all about the energy and the good vibes and connecting. Something as simple as a painting a woman face like a pirate to celebrate life and art and love. I am so grateful:) www.JenniferMontgomery.net 610.764.0853

FREE Face Painting Springfield Ice Skating Rink – Public Skate Sessions

FREE face painting is going on this weekend during all 3 public skating sessions at The Springfield Ice Rink. The ice rink season ends on March 27th- so be sure to get your ice skating in before the end of the month! Join us at the Springfield Ice Skating Rink in Springfield PA ,Delaware County .The newly renovated facility is a great place for the kids to have fun, get exercise and enjoy creative face paint designs by Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces Face Painting. Sessions are Friday 3/8 from 8-9:30pm Saturday 3/9 from 8-9:30pm and Sunday 3/10 from 2-3:30pm