Hurricane Irma Update Key West Artist

Hi Face and Body Art friends!! Just a note to say I’m so grateful for all the support and love I have been receiving during the Hurricane Irma situation . Fortunately, I was in PA for the actual happening… packing up to shift full time to my favorite place on Earth!!! The good news is, I am safe and so are all the people I love in the Keys. I’m asking for your patience with me over the next couple of weeks, I’m doing my best to figure everything out right now. Where I live down there, Cudjoe Key, took the eye of the storm … still unsure if I have a place to live .. or not. I’m rolling with it, keeping positive and rocking out wth paint in glitter in PA for the moment:)

Key West Artist Hurricane Irma

Key West fared very well during the storm so Fantasy Fest will be a blessing this year!!! I am so excited!!! See you all there:) Treasure each day, every moment, every second!!! xoxoxo 610.764.0853