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Jennifer Montgomery Art, LLC Announces Their Mobile Airbrush Spray Tanning Services in Delaware County and Philadelphia
Pennsylvania, USA, April 22, 2016 – Savvy Entrepreneur and Airbrush Tan/Make-Up Technician, Jennifer Montgomery, is pleased and excited to announce as well as inform everyone out there that her company (Jennifer Montgomery Art, LLC) is now offering mobile airbrush spray tanning in Delaware, PA, and Philadelphia, PA.

This indeed is a notable achievement, owing to her hardwork, creativity, expertise, professionalism, and years of enviable experience in the field of airbrush tanning – making customers look as if they spent the day in the sun and sand just in a matter of minutes.
Suffice it to say that airbrush spray tanning is a fast, effective, and healthy method to give ones skins that beautiful look of a golden tan. Made from only naturally derived ingredients, this revolutionary skin solution is void of chemical substances such as; parabens, synthetic fragrances, erythulose, SLS and so on.
Jennifer Montgomery said; “We are absolutely thrilled to be offering our professional airbrush tanning services to all residents of Delaware, Philadelphia, and environs. Be it in the comfort of your home or preferred location, we are just a phone call away from you.”
“We use only the finest, high quality spray tanning products to give you a superior sunless spray tan. We are delighted, and we know that all our potential customers in Pennsylvania would be pleased with our service offering.”
For rates starting as low as $25, having a refined, revived and healthy skin, as well as a beautiful glowing tan has never been this effortless. “No matter the occasion; Bridal Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Spa Parties, Teen Parties , Girls Night In Parties, Proms, Cheer and Fitness Competitions etc., call today and treat yourself to something special” Montgomery concluded.
This enviable service for residents of Delaware, PA, and Philadelphia, PA, can be found on the following link –
To know more about Jennifer Montgomery, visit –

Airbrush Spray Tan Care- Before, During and After

Airbrush Spray Tanning Delaware County PA Philadelphia PA Mobile Spray Tanning call 610.764.0853

Airbrush Spray Tanning Delaware County PA Philadelphia PA Mobile Spray Tanning Call 610.764.0853

Have you always wanted an airbrush tan but had some questions about the process? Many people have similar curiosity before scheduling their airbrush tan in the Delaware County/ Philadelphia PA area. Its really low maintenance and simple, see below for simple spray tanning tips and how to care for your airbrush spray tan, before, during and after!
Within eight hours prior to your tanning session, exfoliate with an oil-free product, paying special attention to dry areas like your feet, knees and elbows.
Remove all toiletries such as makeup, deodorant or lotions. These products can block the airbrush tanning solution and may negatively affect your tan’s development.

Shave within 24 hours before the tanning treatment. Use a sharp razor blade to remove as much hair as possible.

Use dark swimwear or undergarments for the actual tanning session. Don’t bring your best pair.

Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing when you come in, including flip flops. Tight straps and clothing can affect the tan.
Remove jewelry and contact lenses before beginning.

Dark swimsuits or old underwear are ideal for tanning in. Tanning solutions wash out of clothing easily, though they may to stain synthetic materials such as light nylon.
Protect your lips with lip balm.

Do not wear tight-fitting clothes or undergarments, as this will cause the solution to rub off your skin.
To give the tanning solution enough time to work, avoid showering, exercising and other ways of sweating or getting wet (such as washing your hands or even letting your dog lick you!) for eight hours.
Hydrated skin will maintain a tan far longer than dry skin, so be sure to moisturize daily. This is key to maintaining a healthy tan.
If you’re going to be in the sun, use sun block with an SPF.

Avoid long, hot showers or baths and harsh scrubbing, and pat your skin dry.
Like every other tan, an airbrush tan lasts longer the better you take care of it!

Anti-aging and acne treatments (including skin bleaching cream, salicylic acid, microdermabrasion, serums and toners containing alcohol or witch hazel, Retin-A, skin bleaching cream and others) can cause tans to fade.
Using loofahs, waxing, dull razor blades, bleaching, and other abrasive skin treatments and applications can fade your spray tan more quickly.
Avoid hot tubs! The water and chemical mix in a typical hot tub will strip you of your tan in half an hour.
Quick dips in pools and the ocean are OK, but extended swims can fade your tan. Using self tanners on vacation will keep your color up.

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Airbrush Spray Tans Philadelphia PA Proms 2016

Airbrush Spray Tans Philadelphia PA Proms, Bridal, Tan Parties

Airbrush Spray Tans Philadelphia PA Proms, Bridal, Tan Parties Delaware County PA Airbrush Spray Tanning Call 610.764.0853

Airbrush Spray Tans Philadelphia PA Proms, Bridal, Tan Parties and more! Call 610.764.0853 to schedule your airbrush spray tan with Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces Face Painting and Body Art

Airbrush Tanning Parties and Appointments Delaware County

Warmer weather is upon us in the Philadelphia area

Airbrush Tanning Party Delaware County PA

Airbrush Tanning Party Delaware County PA Airbrush Tans Jennifer Montgomery 610.764.0853

!! Which means its time to be TAN!!! Get a beautiful, healthy, glow with Airbrush Tanning this Spring/ Summer season!! I come to you fully equipped in the the comfort of your own home and leave you with an awesome Airbrush Tan!!

Ask about Airbrush Tanning Parties in Philadelphia and Delaware County PA!! Get the girls together and tan the night away!!Airbrush Tanning is a safe and healthy way to give your skin a summer glow and offers a sassy little pick me up during the winter months especially! Everything looks more beautiful with a tan!!!

In case you didn’t know… I’ve added Airbrush Make-Up to my Airbrush Tech services!! I offer these services at your location for all kinds of occasions, Prom, Weddings, Special Events or maybe you just want a new look! Contact me for details!!! Airbrush Make-Up is lightweight, durable and simply gorgeous… lasting 10 hours or more!!

Pricing starts as low as $25 based on the service!!!! Contact me for a price list .

▪ Contact me for details!!! 610.764.0853 or