Peace Sign Rhinestone Bags for Kids Parties

Rhinestone Bling  Peace Sign Bags

Rhinestone Bling Peace Sign Bags

Need a unique party favor? How about a cool loot bag for your kids party guests? Check out the cool Rhinestone Peace Sign Bags !!! These rhinestone bags are a great party favor for your next kids party in the Philadelphia PA area. They sparkle and shine on environmentally friendly canvas bags that are re-usable, washer and dryer friendly and just super cool! The rhinestone bags are great to put party favors into and can later be used as a lunch bag, school bag or just place to put kids stuff! Pricing is at $10-$12 dollars depending on the color and quantity. Contact Jennifer for additional info

Splatter Paint on T-shirts,Hats, Walls, Furniture!

I finally have some pics of the splatter paint effect I worked on a few months ago. I did this on t-shirts and a hat! The splatter paint effect seems to be in style these days, I remember it from the 80’s! Anyway, its colorful,fun, and funky 🙂

I can splatter paint on anything, really. Clothing,walls, curtains, fabric furniture, wherever your looking to have a vibrant,free, artistic energy 🙂 The technique is fun and very liberating.

I will take custom orders, so if you want to giveway splatter paint party favors at your next event , contact me @ or call 610.764.0853 . We can customize the color scheme to match the theme of your party, sweet sixteen, bar/bat mitzvah, and more! Splatter paint looks cool on t-shirts, sweatshirts,trucker hats, canvas bags,jeans, cloth sneakers, UGGS, or whatever you may have in mind 🙂