Bridal Henna/Mehndi PA,DE,NJ

Over the weekend I did Henna/Mehndi for an Indian wedding. It was a fun, festive occasion in Cherry Hill N.J. @ The Palace of Asia. There were happy guests, great music, a belly dancer, many beautiful saris and I was so excited to do Henna on the guests 🙂 What a great way to start the Holday weekend!

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Henna Hand Art

Just an example of a henna tattoo design at a recent summer corporate event. Henna is great for older kids in the teen years. Sparkles and liquid bling were added to enhance the design, making it more glamorous and fun!

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Henna Designs

Henna Design on a Back by Jennifer Montgomery Henna Design by Jennifer Montgomery Philadelphia PA, DE, NJ

Henna Body Art by Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces serving Philadelphia PA,DE, NJ . Henna is beautiful way to temporarily tattoo your body. Jennifer Montgomery does Henna for private parties , appointments, and special events in the Philadelphia PA area, also serving DE and NJ. Contact Jennifer at or 610.764.0853 to schedule your Henna appointment today.