Body Painting in New Jersey | January Goal Challenge

New Jersey Body Painting

Body Painting in New Jersey

Most people would’nt think of mid January as a popular time for body paint work. However, yesterday, MLK day was an exception. I was contacted to body paint two very enthusiastic, sweet girls in New Jersey as part of a monthly goal challenge. One of the girls sets monthly goals to reach, each year with a different theme. Last year were fitness and sports related goals, this year a bit more unconventional. She invited her trusted friends to assist with goal ideas- the goal for January ended up being body painting!
It was a very fun, laid back body paint session in Mays Landing New Jersey. We chatted and laughed as I painted each girl, both of whom just loved the colors and design painted on their bodies and faces. I used colors and patterns to flatter and reflect each personality and skin tone. I even included YOLO on the back of one of the designs. For those who are unaware, YOLO stands for You Only Live Once- which I wholeheartedly agree with- why not?
I love my job and am so appreciative for each opportunity to make art and connect with new, awesome people. If you’re interested in body painting in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and Key West area(s), contact Jennifer at 610.764.0853 to book your body painting party or session today!