Post Prom Airbrush Tattoos Downingtown PA-Chester County

Downingtown Post Prom Airbrush Tattoos

Downingtown Post Prom Airbrush Tattoos by Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces Face Painting Philadelphia PA and Key West FL

Its Post Prom season! We kicked it off in Downingtown PA over the weekend by offering airbrush tattoos for a post prom gala. Downingtown knows how to put on a party, thats for sure! The venue was transformed into an international maze with rooms representing different countries. The Post Prom committee did a wonderful job decorating for the class of 2013.Besides that over the top transformation,lots of entertainment and prizes were part of the festivities. Besides CrazyFaces airbrush tattoos, there were tarot card readers, moon bounces, caricaturists, swimming,games and big prizes at the end of the evening. Best of luck to the class of 2013! We give special thanks to the folks in Downingtown for having us to airbrush tattoos- see you next year!

Kids Birthday Party Face Painting Chester County PA

It was a weekend of birthday party celebrations in Chester County PA. I face painted at a couple of parties in the Chester County PA area, one in West Chester for a girls birthday party and another in Downingtown PA at Bell Tavern Park for a boys birthday party. Fortunately the weather cooperated with us as each party was outside. The kids were filled with energy and ready to party, especially after they were painted into the design they chose. The sparkles were abundant and glistening in the August sunshine and the colorful face paint designs were like live decorations for the party!

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