2022 Events Crystal River, Madeira Beach, New Port Richey, FL Henna, Hair Wraps and Face Painting

Happy 2022!!!! We’re off to an amazing beginning!! Wishing you the very best in this pivotal year ahead:) Please see the events I’ll be participating in below… there’s so many fun festivals to choose from:)
Manatee Festival
January 15 and 16,2022
Florida Manatee Festival
Crystal River FL

Henna and Hair Wraps for this festival in Crystal River!!!!

Johns Pass Seafood Festival
January 20-23, 2022
John’s Pass Seafood Festival
Face Painting Henna and Hair Wraps!!
I’m especially excited for this event because this event led me to where I am now. I tried this event in 2021 after feeling so frustrated with all the restrictions and cancelled events in Key West. I had never been to this part of Florida and just loved it and the event was an absolute breath of fresh air from the negative energy I was feeling in the Keys…. SO…..it was a divine intervention!

Pier 60 Clearwater
Sunset Celebration Clearwater, FL
I switched coasts and now do henna body art at the Sunset Celebration in Clearwater FL at Pier 60!! I love it here! The festival takes place nightly ( weather permitting) 2 hours before sunset until 2 hours after sunset. See you there:)

THIS Sunday 1.9.22
I’ll be doing henna and hair wraps in New PORT RICHEY, FL at the market on Main Street See you there…10am-2pm.

Philadelphia|Clearwater|Tampa Bay
We are always accepting bookings for face painting, henna body art, airbrush tattoos and hair wraps! Yes, its cold in the North right now but we are already booking for Spring and Summer events!!! Festivals, Birthdays, Post Proms, Summer Camps and more!!!

Call 610.764.0853 and Take Good Care:)))))
Book online at www.jennifermontgomery.net