Key West Love…. Body Paint too!

So I typically write about events and topics related to my work . I was thinking about it recently and realized how many amazing experiences I’ve been offered through sharing my art as well as opportunities to learn about and connect with others . I’m truly grateful for all of it . Choosing a path of pursuing my art and following my heart as a career path is not exactly mainstream , therefore I frequently wonder if I’m doing it right , as if there’s such a thing . I do this because I love it, especially the travel , making people smile and social part. This week is Fantasy Fest in Key West, FL… My favorite place in all the land . The first time I ever visited Key West I fell in love ..within a few days I had myself booked to body paint at Fantasy Fest! Since then I’ve been spending more and more extended periods of time on my favorite island and sharing my art each time. I love Key West, riding my bike , smiling as I meditate under my favorite palm tree at Smathers Beach, my awesome artist friends ,( Ray Rolston especially for all his help and support ) , cafe con leche and my beloved roosters !!! Stay tuned for highlights regarding Fantasy Fest 2016… I look forward to sharing my face and body paint adventures in Key West 🙂

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