Upcoming Face and Body Art Events September 2019 Philadelphia to Key West

Since the summer is practically behind us…. time to look ahead to Fall and events in September! Theres quite a bit on the horizon and for some of the time I’ll be personally in PA body arting:) Here you go:
September 1
Henna and Hair Wraps
C-GypSea Art Studio & Gallery
515 Highway 17 South
San Mateo, Fl 32187
September 7th and 8th, Kennett Square Mushroom Festival- Kennett Square PA
September 14
Devon Horse Show- Devon PA
September 15
Radnor Fall Festival, Wayne PA 1-5pm 6 CrazyFaces Artists

Fridays AND Saturdays at Hawks Cay is continuing through the summer with a BIG Labor Day Weekend event on August 31 on the property! You can find me there on Friday starting at 3:30pm – 7pm and on Saturdays 12-4pm ! Contact me for details!

NEW THIS FALL!!! Henna and Hair Wraps at the stunningly beautiful Isla Bella Beach Resort in Marathon , FL . Stay tuned for upcoming dates and times beginning in October:) I love that this resort has a cute little dog park for furry members of the family, so cute:)

Fantasy Fest Bookings!

Book your 2019 Fantasy Fest Body Painting and Zombie Bike Ride Make-Up Appointments NOW! Just 65 days left! Remember, I paint at YOUR location this year 🙂 Contact me for details, availability and pricing:)

Interested in having CrazyFaces Face and Body Art at YOUR event, party,festival or resort? Contact Jennifer for details and the best fit for you! We love to party and see smiles by sharing our face painting, henna, airbrush tattoos, body paint and hair wraps:)

Key West Fantasy Fest After a Hurricane

So Fantasy Fest 2017 is complete, another fantastic event I am grateful to have participated in! I am impressed with the amount of people that made it to the event to join in the festivities this year after the horrendous hurricane swept through the Florida Keys! Certainly the boost to the morale and economy in Key West is much appreciated.

Kid Rock Body Paint Fantasy Fest Key West Body Painter Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art 610.764.0853

Kid Rock Body Paint Fantasy Fest Key West Body Painter Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art 610.764.0853

It was a good year for me as a body painter, a bit more low key than usual but good overall. The tone and energy was a bit quite and calmer than all the years past.
 Body Paint Fantasy Fest Key West Body Painter Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art 610.764.0853

Body Paint Fantasy Fest Key West Body Painter Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art 610.764.0853

I , personally, was mostly in a work flow energy more than the party and have fun energy. I typically attend some of the fun and dress up, paint myself and party, this year was different… partly because I didn’t have my stuff ( Irma took it, lol) and life changes after a hurricane are a bit exhausting!!! I was really happy to paint my annual , regular clients and make some new friends as well. It was nice helping them coordinate costumes and visions and chat about life and laugh. Honestly, it was the simplicity and little things that felt comforting this time. It was quite an experience driving back into the Keys as I had not been back since late August. I had nowhere to live since Irma destroyed everything. So the drive into my favorite place in the land was a bit depressing to say the very least.It takes some time to process those realities coupled with meeting with friends and seeing things in real time rather than online or the news. On the up side, I worked out the living situation and all is good. Its onward and upward from here! Thanks to everyone that participated in another amazing Fantasy Fest! See you all next year 🙂 For face painting and body art in Philadelphia, Miami and Key West contact Jennifer of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art www.jennifermontgomery.net 610.764.0853

Life is Art.. Believe it into Manifestation

I had a conversation with another artist that helped me on a gig last night . She asked me if business was busy . I said it’s been great . It’s always great – that’s my story , so it is . She recently took a part time office job , certainly not her calling …but paying her bills I guess .So… When people ask me for business advice … I don’t have it to give . I’m not a business strategist , I’m simply passionate about what I do and maintaining the life I live which is a very non-conformist lifestyle , I’ve been this way my whole life . I’m abundant and I do what I love . It’s not about how much money a person makes , it’s about priorities and what makes me feel good . I’ve learned this throughout my journey – when I’ve made up my mind that something will be and then feel it , it will manifest . The past 3 yrs have been the most challenging ever and while I was scared about finances at times and not sure how I was going to do it all by myself and maintain the lifestyle I love which includes driving what’s considered a luxury vehicle , traveling frequently and spending extended periods of time in Key West – but I’m doing it 🙂 Its got nothing to do with money , I don’t pay attention my my annual income very much . I work like I don’t need the money , I pay for my necessities and live the life I love and put the rest away and sometimes share extra when I’m feeling generous . When you get your thoughts in alignment and focus on abundance and keep it moving – it will be attracted back . I’ve had people tell me I would have to give particular things up when I divorced , one of them was Key W

Key West Artist Jennifer Montgomery

Face and Body Art Philadelphia to Key West Artist Jennifer Montgomery

est , in my mind I thought ” no , nope , I’m not ” hmmmmm funny , I didn’t . Its not a secret, There is power in our thoughts – create the life you want with your thoughts ✌🏻️💗


Key West Love…. Body Paint too!

So I typically write about events and topics related to my work . I was thinking about it recently and realized how many amazing experiences I’ve been offered through sharing my art as well as opportunities to learn about and connect with others . I’m truly grateful for all of it . Choosing a path of pursuing my art and following my heart as a career path is not exactly mainstream , therefore I frequently wonder if I’m doing it right , as if there’s such a thing . I do this because I love it, especially the travel , making people smile and social part. This week is Fantasy Fest in Key West, FL… My favorite place in all the land . The first time I ever visited Key West I fell in love ..within a few days I had myself booked to body paint at Fantasy Fest! Since then I’ve been spending more and more extended periods of time on my favorite island and sharing my art each time. I love Key West, riding my bike , smiling as I meditate under my favorite palm tree at Smathers Beach, my awesome artist friends ,( Ray Rolston especially for all his help and support ) , cafe con leche and my beloved roosters !!! Stay tuned for highlights regarding Fantasy Fest 2016… I look forward to sharing my face and body paint adventures in Key West 🙂

Philadelphia Bar Mitzvah Glow Airbrush Tshirts

Philadelphia Bar Mitzvah Glow Airbrush Tshirts

Philadelphia Bar Mitzvah Glow Airbrush Tshirts by Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art

Check it out!!! Glow Airbrush Tshirts for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Parties of all kinds!! Glow in the dark airbrush is awesome because the colors are so vivid and bright in the regular light but GLOW in the dark under a black light!!How amazing is that? Contach Airbrush Artist Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art for info about your Mitzvah or Party in Philadelphia PA!! www.jennifermontgomery.net 610.764.0853