Happy New Year

Happy 2010! So far the year is off to a great start 🙂

Lots of exciting things are going on, fun events and good stuff.
The Rock Ya Body Calendar is available for sale. My body painting work can be seen on Miss March, yayyyy!
In issue 10 of Illusion Magazine, 2 photo’s of my work were published in the gallery pages of that publication. I had no idea until I was flipping through the magazine- needless to say I was extrememly excited when I saw my work. I almost couldnt breathe.

I am very pleased with how things have evolved for me over the years. I feel extremely blessed to do work that makes me feel happy .When I started business as CrazyFaces Face Painting in 2003, I was taking a big chance. I wanted my independence and freedom. I had been independant contracting for a face painting company and was not happy. I decided to listen to myself and do what was best for ME. In doing so, I was faced with a lawsuit based on false allegations that I had to defend. My belief is the person making the allegations was trying to make an example out of me. I did what I had to do and after 2 years of legal proceedings, it was dropped. Bottom line, I wasnt doing anything wrong and I told the truth. Over the years I have remained true to myself and stayed focused on what makes me feel happy. I only take jobs that I am truly interested in. If something will not prove to be a positive experience in the end, I decline. I will not resort to lowdown schemes or tactics to get more business. The work I do is not a means to an end. I am grateful for each experience and the opportunity to participate in fun events. Each year, I learn more about life and myself. I am grateful for the successes and failures along the way. I am hopeful for a very positive and successful 2010.


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