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Face painting is a great choice for kid’s party entertainment. With the art of face painting gaining popularity, finding a face painter for your child’s next party should not be difficult.

Children love to have their faces painted as their favorite character or superhero. Imagine watching as your child and his best friend transform from sweet innocent boys into ferocious tigers. It’s fascinating to see how brilliantly a little girls eyes light up when she looks in the mirror at the color and glitter that’s made her a magical princess. The fun is not only for the child’s being face painted. It’s delightful for guests to watch in amazement as a face painter transforms the kids and kids at heart into crazy characters, whimsical fairies, kooky clowns, or a design straight from the artist’s vivid imagination.
The fun doesn’t stop when the face painting is completed .After the children are painted they typically act the part of the design on their face. It’s super cool to watch a child’s imagination take over as they pretend to be a roaring tiger or a barking puppy dog. Face painting is a versatile choice for a party because it can appeal to many different personalities and sometimes even the adult will get in touch with their inner child and get face painted. Each person has the opportunity to choose what they want to reflect their own imagination from silly to scary!
When selecting a face painter for your party, be sure to choose a professional. A professional face painter will use high grade quality art make-up and glitter for face painting that is safe for use on the skin and meets FDA requirements. A professional will also carry liability insurance and would be glad to produce a copy of such information should it be requested. Certainly you’ll be able to tell if the face painting was a great choice by the painted faces floating around the party! The kids will be enthused and photos of the celebration will be filled with color and character that will create a memory to last a lifetime!

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