Henna for Healing

I am so fortunate to have a job I love. There are moments when that is reflected back to me in a very powerful way. As I’ve said many times before , I really appreciate where my art has taken me over the years. I have opportunities to connect with people that are so meaningful. I am very spiritual and have been on a a journey of awakening over the last few years. I realize I am a lightworker and my art helps me with this. My most recent private henna client and I connected immediately when we met this past weekend. She contacted me for henna to be done on her hands. I had never met her before but knew right away we were going to connect. I think its amazing that my art creates this for me. My client wanted the henna as a gift to herself as she said she is also very spiritual. Turns out we had some things in common as she shared her story of her life and marriage which I was also able to relate to. I shared with her my experience with a very emotional,and devastating end to a 17yr long relationship/marriage- this gave her comfort and reassurance. I am so grateful that she felt comfortable enough to share her story with me and that I was also able to provide words and advice of support and comfort. I truly feel that we are all connected and as we share with each other – we grow and evolve:) I offer henna sessions for groups and indivuals as well as those recovering from life changing medical circumstances including mastectomy and chemotherapy/radiation . The first time I did a henna crown on a recovering cancer patient in the Florida Keys , I had to keep myself together emotionally to get through it. I was so honored that this woman chose me to apply henna to her and it was the fist time she went without her hat or wig since her treatments- that was very special to me. So thank you to all that support me and this amazing gift of body art- I appreciate all of you! For Henna in Philadelphia PA, Virginia Beach and Key West- contact Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting at 610.764.0853 www.jennifermontgomery.net

Henna Artist Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, Key West www.jennifermontgomery.net 610.764.0853

Henna Artist Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, Key West www.jennifermontgomery.net 610.764.0853

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