Face an Body Art Madeira Beach

Feeling so grateful for my intuition. Sounds crazy but there’s so many awesome experiences I’m having because I followed my intuition in September and got creative in my thinking and decided to think expansively about art/business opportunities considering the cancel everything and no fun conditions in Key West. It led me to a new event in a new place that is soooooo gorgeous .So here I am enjoying a new place, doing what I love, meeting new, friendly people, got to see a vendor friend I hadn’t seen in 2yrs, ate some awesome tacos, and got to feel the joy of doing what I love at a new event that is evidently very difficult to get into. As in waiting list , difficult.
So , its divine. I thanked the chair person for this opportunity because it feels like a buffet of magical awesomeness after almost 1 yr of no events. I’m sensing a deep appreciation for what I do… ART… it is essential and it does make ppl happy. These kids, and adults are amazing and grateful. I am too.
Times like these reinforce that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my gift. Driving 6+ hours to an event, by myself. Setting up, working the event, and also taking the opportunity to visit the stores around here that we don’t have access to in Key West ( basically everything but Publix and Walgreens) reminds me how dedication and loyalty to what I love and following my intuition is entirely part of the co-creation process . Enjoy this day and I will too 🥰❤️🌟 Be nice to each other. Love and drink your water 😊✌🏻

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