Double Take? Body Painted Clothing in West Chester PA

Body Painted Clothing West Chester PA

Body Painted Clothing West Chester PA by Philadelphia Body Painter Jennifer Montgomery. Photo by David James

At first glance,she looks clothed! But, in fact, the model in the photograph is not wearing clothes- just body paint! The concept for the photoshoot was to body paint clothing to cause the viewer to do a “double take” and wonder is she wearing clothes or not! Painted on clothing is fun but tricky. The model should be suited well for the intended design or painted on clothing as there is full exposure with this sort of thing. The daisy duke jean shorts and halter top outfit we decided on for this shoot was perfect for our model. It was an ultra fun shoot in West Chester PA from start to finish with this body painting. I was pleased with the results and the look of the painted on clothes. I think the images by David James in West Chester PA were amazing as well as the work of model Michelle.
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