Airbrush Tshirt Party Favors… with Rhinestones!!!

Airbrush TShirt with Rhinestones

Airbrush TShirt with Rhinestones Philadelphia PA Birthday Parties Bat Mitzvahs Sweet Sixteens by Airbrush Artist Jennifer Montgomery

Airbrush Tshirts are a unique party favor option for parties in Philadelphia PA to Key West, FL! The most recent airbrush tshirts I made have RHINESTONES!!! Yes, Bling and Airbrush on a shirt!!! I am so excited about it. I was airbrushing shirts for an order of party favors for a clients daughters upcoming birthday party. The shirts have stars and music notes airbrushed on them… then I came up with the brilliant idea to include rhinestones!! Music note rhinestones!! I cant wait until the birthday girl see’s her dazzling airbrushed shirt with her name on it shining with rhinestones!!! Contact airbrush artist Jennifer Montgomery in the Philadelphia PA and Key West, FL for airbrush party pricing and options 610.764.0853

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