Airbrush Body Paint Key West Fantasy Fest, Philadelphia, Miami

I’m so excited to have recently worked with my new Iwata Revolution top feed airbrush at a body painting event near Philadelphia ! I have always worked with bottom feed airbrushes, still Iwata though. I especially loved the top feed as I used only the amount of product I needed and could add more as I went along. The make-up flowed very smoothly out of the airbrush and offered coverage as expected for each body paint color. I am so excited to work further with these Iwata Airbrush tools. I also found the cleaning process fairly simple ad straightforward as I wiped the leftover make-up from the cup and follow through with cleaner sprayed through the airbrush.

Airbrush Body Paint Fantasy Fest Key West Philadelphia Miami 610.764.0853

I can’t wait to use this new airbrush when I body paint at Fantasy Fest in Key West this year in 2018. I use both airbrush and traditional brush and sponge techniques when body painting. I can get best result for fine lines with a brush but like the airbrush for other techniques and effects.
Jennifer Montgomery Body Painter Key West Philadelphia Miami
To book body painting in Philadelphia, Miami and Key West for Fantasy Fest, contact body painter Jennifer Montgomery at 610.764.0853 or visit

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