Key West Artist … After Hurricane Irma… Liability Insurance Coverage:)

So I’m feeling very fortunate and smart right now. As an artist in business, I have always carried liability insurance… just in case anything ever happened at an event, or if I accidentally dropped, spilled or damaged something during the creative process at an event or party. In 15 yrs, I’ve never had to use it, thank goodness. But, along comes Hurricane Irma… all my face and body art materials I use in Key West and the Florida Keys are gone .. along with my living space. So my rational, clear thinking mind asks ” What resources are available to you now?” ” Hmmmm, I wonder if any of my face and body paint material and equipment losses would be covered under my insurance policy?” So I went ahead and researched and asked, sure enough, a hurricane meets the criteria for me to be compensated!!! YES!!! Thank you Universe!! THAT is spectacular news in this situation… light at the end of the tunnel, I am so appreciative:) I would encourage anyone in the face and body art and or healing arts business to look into having liability insurance. For me, it was more about covering myself and protecting the client should anything unfortunate arise. I hadn’t expected it would be of benefit to me personally. I use BodyWorks Insurance with covers ALOT of modalities including face painting, all natural henna art, make-up application, spray tanning and massage therapy , just to name a few. Its been an easy process from the start, a lot can be done online but whenever I have made phone calls, I always speak with a live, friendly person whom has answered all of my questions. I especially appreciate that whenever I need to add an additional insured for an event, the process is always simple and fast. One thing I have learned is that life is sometimes very unpredictable, as you will see in the images I post,

Key West Artist Hurricane Irma Damage

Key West Artist Hurricane Irma Damage

I lost everything I had in The Florida Keys due to Hurricane Irma…The peace of mind and gratitude I am experiencing as a result of being assured that at least my face and body art materials can be replaced is amazing. Jennifer Montgomery CrazyFaces FacePainting & Body Art Philadelphia|Miami|Key West 610.764.0853


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