Belly Painting Photo Shoot Wilmington DE

Belly Paint Ladybugs and Flower Garden

Belly Paint Ladybugs and Flower Garden

Yesterday I had the opportunity to belly paint a lady bug and flower garden on model Leah.After the belly paint was complete, a photo shoot was next to capture the images. I had a wonderful time chatting while painting with Leah at Dougherty Photo Designs. Heather the photographer was very kind and friendly .The studio was warm,clean and cozy, perfect for a belly paint session. I look forward to seeing the final images.

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  1. I use a water based art make-up designed for use on the skin and face. Tempra paint is not safe for the skin as it is intended for other types of art, not body art. There are a variety of wonderful products on the market that are made for the skin . I really enjoy Paradise by Mehron.

  2. Thanks so much:) It was great to have met and worked with you as well!

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