Bridal Henna Key West Destination Wedding

Yesterday I had the fortunate opportunity of doing bridal henna for a lovely bride for her wedding day in Key West, Florida. In addition I was also invited to her family and friends party before the wedding to offer henna to her wedding guests.

Bridal Henna Key West Wedding 2021

Bridal Henna Key West Destination Wedding 2021

We did the bridal henna on her hands and palms up her arms just below the elbow area. It was a lovely experience at the Hyatt Centric in Key West. I later followed up and met the party The Champagne Room of The Tiger Bar in Key West on Truman Ave. It was a happy and festive day with wonderful wedding guests that traveled from as far as Guam to have this experience:)

Bridal Henna Key West Wedding 2021-1

Bridal Henna Key West Wedding 2021

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Hurricane Irma Aftermath… The Florida Keys for Real

So its been about 2 months since Hurricane Irma whipped through Key West and The Florida Keys. The news coverage was minimal in comparison to some of the other storms, which has benefits in my opinion . But whats it REALLY like for the real live human people that have experienced this??? Yes, Key West fared well in consideration of the storm. But what about the other Keys? Most especially the Lower Keys.. Cudjoe Key, Big Pine Key, Marathon and others? I lost the place I lived. I consider myself lucky as I’ve been very lucky and fortunate with the help of perfect timing and excellent friends and protective energy always on my side. My first trip back was just 2.5 weeks ago. While a lot has been done since the disaster initially struck.. the drive down the Keys was much less exciting and breathtakingly beautiful than each and every previous drive. The energy is different for one and of course the destruction is obvious the closer to Marathon you get. After that, its really real as you enter Marathon, Big Pine and Cudjoe Key. The heaps of debris speak volumes. Then, its very sobering . It’s people whole lives as they knew it reduced to a pile of debris.

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist

For me its been a very grounding experience in the sense that… its only stuff. I’m alive , well, happy and moving forward in positivity. Unfortunately , not everyone holds that same attitude. I recognize the challenge . It was easy for me to pick up and find another place to live. First, I was renting , I’m a minimalist, a gypsy soul and all my stuff was destroyed so there wasn’t much to do in that regard, LOL! But think for a moment…. What about the residents that have live here more stationary? The self employed residents that experienced huge income reduction? The psychological effects of this life altering experience? Its all real. We all process differently. Some people recover faster than others. These are the things that are important in this life. How are people managing all of this? Everything counts, its important. I love that the Florida Keys are a community of loving souls that really do help each other. I see love and camaraderie all around and thats one of the many things I love about Key West and The Florida Keys in general.

I will say ,fortunately for me, there is a huge benefit in having less than more and remaining unattached to stuff. In the past week at the events I’ve been doing henna in Key West, it seems that the energy is on the upswing. I realize people are tired, in fact exhausted, but still trucking along rebuilding their lives. I think it’s a big fat lesson in compassion, patience and loving each other. I choose to believe everyone is doing the best they can. I think the biggest blessing of the hurricane for me is focusing more on the present moment, loving people and moments and cherishing each day as the gift it really is. Have a beautiful day friends!

After Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key West Artist Key West Sunset

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Face Painting and Henna Islamorada Art Walk

Tonight in the Florida Keys Henna and Face Painting at ArtWalk in Islamorada!! Support local artists, I’m so excited for this event!! Morada Way Arts & Cultural District Henna and Face Painting with CrazyFaces Face Painting & Body Art and some hand painted art items Jennifer Montgomery Artwork 6pm-9pm This event takes place on the third Thursday of each month. Its a well attended event with an amazing art and friendly vibe. Come out check out beautiful art, music, food and have fun!!! See you there:)

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VIDEO: Going with the Event Flow!!!

So the Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival went a bit differently than expected … So I made a video about my experience at Virginia Key Beach Park . It was a beautiful place which Im grateful for the opportunity to have visited. Not as much henna and face painting as I’d hoped but an ineresting experience nonetheless! For face painting , henna and body art in the Miami Dade area… contact Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces FacePainting and Body Art serving Philadelphia to Key West 610.764.0853