Happy New Year 2015!! Looking ahead…..

Whew….. goodbye to 2014 and all
its roller coaster
craziness,momentum and activity (
although from a cosmic perspective
its not done yet) . Wishing you a
very beautiful and peaceful 2015
filled with greatness. I could write a
book about 2014 but instead I’ll
focus on the awesomeness I
experienced in my face and body
art world. Lots of amazing
opportunities were presented to me
and I appreciate EVERY supporter and encourager, it keeps me
going and growing and as an independently employed person which
is so valuable to me. Many thanks to everyone who supports me:)

Looking ahead to 2015 with Face and Body Art
DAYTONA BIKE WEEK 2015!!! It’s gonna happen…Me+Body Art
+ Harley Davidson’s EVERYWHERE!!! I’ll update with info in the
upcoming weeks…but this I am super excited for:)

Also, now offering FLASH TATTOOS for parties and events:)

Flash Tattoos Philadelphia PA and Key West Parties and Events

Flash Tattoos Philadelphia PA and Key West Parties and Events www.jennifermontgomery.net

Contact Jennifer to discuss options for flash tattoos at your next party or event in Philadelphia PA or Key West, FL:) www.JenniferMontgomery.net

Girls Birthday Party Face Painting Delaware County PA

Flowers Face Painting

Flowers Face Painting Birthday Party Delaware County PA

The weekend brought face painting at 2 girls birthday parties! The flowers face painting was done at a birthday party in Delaware County PA, although its December it feels like spring ,so the design matched the temperature outside. All the girls at the party had a great time with face painting, each selecting something different and pretty with plenty of sparkles 🙂

For girls birthday party face painting in Delaware County PA and Philadelphia contact Jennifer Montgomery of CrazyFaces Face Painting www.JenniferMontgomery.net

Clown Face Painting 1st Birthday Party Boothwyn PA

Clown Face Paint

Clown Face Paint 1st Birthday Party

It was a 1st birthday party with a circus theme on Saturday in Boothwyn PA that I face painted the clown design. It was a fun party filled with family ,friends and face painting. I like when the adults get face paint as well as the kids 🙂 It was a beautiful day for a party and lots of fun and laughter filled the room 🙂

For birthday party face painting contact:

Fall Festival Face Painting

It was a very eventful weekend with face painting for parties and fall fairs. First an Asian themed party in Bryn Mawr PA- every guest was wearing a Kimono and had their face painted like a Geisha 🙂

A Fall Fair in Kennett Square PA saw many faces painted like pumpkins and scary monster like designs! As well as a Halloween themed party in Wilmington DE! It was a gorgeous weekend to be outdoors painting faces and enjoying the fresh fall weather.

Thanks to everyone who had their face painted and enjoyed CrazyFaces Face Painting

Ridley Township Fall Festival

Thanks to Ridley Township for having me to face paint this past weekend for Ridley’s Fall Festival in Delaware County PA at the township municipal building. It was a beautiful,sunny day for the community to get together and it was perfect for Crazy Faces face painting! Thanks to all my neighbors for stopping by!