Life is Art.. Believe it into Manifestation

I had a conversation with another artist that helped me on a gig last night . She asked me if business was busy . I said it’s been great . It’s always great – that’s my story , so it is . She recently took a part time office job , certainly not her calling …but paying her bills I guess .So… When people ask me for business advice … I don’t have it to give . I’m not a business strategist , I’m simply passionate about what I do and maintaining the life I live which is a very non-conformist lifestyle , I’ve been this way my whole life . I’m abundant and I do what I love . It’s not about how much money a person makes , it’s about priorities and what makes me feel good . I’ve learned this throughout my journey – when I’ve made up my mind that something will be and then feel it , it will manifest . The past 3 yrs have been the most challenging ever and while I was scared about finances at times and not sure how I was going to do it all by myself and maintain the lifestyle I love which includes driving what’s considered a luxury vehicle , traveling frequently and spending extended periods of time in Key West – but I’m doing it 🙂 Its got nothing to do with money , I don’t pay attention my my annual income very much . I work like I don’t need the money , I pay for my necessities and live the life I love and put the rest away and sometimes share extra when I’m feeling generous . When you get your thoughts in alignment and focus on abundance and keep it moving – it will be attracted back . I’ve had people tell me I would have to give particular things up when I divorced , one of them was Key W

Key West Artist Jennifer Montgomery

Face and Body Art Philadelphia to Key West Artist Jennifer Montgomery

est , in my mind I thought ” no , nope , I’m not ” hmmmmm funny , I didn’t . Its not a secret, There is power in our thoughts – create the life you want with your thoughts ✌🏻️💗

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